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7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Wifi

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to put off upgrading their wireless network to save money. But, with so many businesses now relying on the internet to do business, having reliable, high-performance business wifi isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential.

Here are seven signs that your business needs new technology.

1. Your Internet Connection Is Slow

Most of the time, businesses are dissatisfied with their ISP because they’re simply not getting enough speed. If your business cannot stream videos or do anything that requires high speed, it might be time for an upgrade.

2. Your Wireless Signal Doesn’t Reach Everywhere in Your Building

Whether you need better coverage in the warehouse or the employees at one remote desk aren’t getting a strong connection, you need to upgrade if your wireless signal can’t reach every corner of your business.

3. You Find Yourself Calling Customer Service Frequently

If you’re calling customer service each week because your business wifi is down, it might be time to invest in technology that will prevent this from happening.

4. You’ve Reached Your Data Cap

If you can’t browse the web, send emails, or download documents without worrying about going over your data plan, consider upgrading to a business-class service with more bandwidth and won’t charge additional fees for usage.

5. The Equipment Looks Old and Outdated

Old routers, modems, and switches not only take up space but also slow down work. They’re also an eyesore that can detract from the decor of your office. If it’s time to upgrade your equipment, here are some things you need to know.

6. You’re Experiencing Frequent Outages

Network downtime is more than just inconvenient — it’s costly. A small business that lacks a reliable network might experience loss in productivity, customers, and sales.

7. You Can’t Accommodate More Devices

If you’re trying to do too much with your current business wifi, it might be time for a more robust system that can support more devices. An upgrade might be a good idea if you’re trying to add employees or office equipment that requires a faster connection.

According to an AV System survey, wifi access is so vital to over half of respondents that they would be prepared to do, share, or trade anything for it. This includes giving permission to one’s personal email (7%), sharing personal information (8%), and watching a 3-minute commercial (34%). It is important to ensure that the wireless internet in a business place is fast and reliable.

What’s causing your mobile phone’s slow internet?

It’s normal to expect your mobile device’s internet browser to be lightning-fast. When it’s not, you might automatically think it’s because you haven’t updated your device’s OS or the browser app. In lots of cases, however, it’s due to slow mobile internet speed. Find out the most common causes for sluggish internet connection on your mobile device.

Wi-Fi noise

Did you know that home electronic appliances emit wireless signals at a frequency similar to your router’s (2.4 GHz)? So when deciding where to place your router, determine whether there are any electronic devices nearby, as they emit signals that can interfere with your router’s signal. For example, even if the ideal location for your router is in the middle of your house, you shouldn’t place it there if a cordless phone is nearby.

You can also set your router on a 5 GHz band, as this frequency is less prone to interference from other appliances. But before you start tuning it, make sure your phone supports 5 GHz; otherwise, it won’t be able to connect to the router.

Router location

One simple yet overlooked reason why your Wi-Fi-connected phone may be experiencing internet lag is because of your router’s location. Although Wi-Fi has a range of up to 230 feet, the signal gets weaker the farther you are from the router. Large objects like doors and walls situated in between your phone and the router can also weaken the transmission.

It’s recommended to place your router in a centralized location, preferably away from concrete and masonry walls or other big objects like a chimney. As the router signal radiates from all sides, blocking any side with big objects will impact your Wi-Fi’s signal quality, and consequently impede your phone’s internet speed.

Slow network

Another reason for your phone’s slow internet connection could be fluctuating network speeds. Ask yourself these two questions to discover the cause of this problem:

  1. How many devices are connected to the router?
  2. What are these devices using the internet for?

You should increase your router’s internet bandwidth speed if you discover you have many users and all of them are either streaming movies or downloading computer games or software updates. This will allow every phone connected to your network to enjoy faster internet speeds.

If you’re outdoors and connected to a public Wi-Fi network, consider using your mobile data instead. You won’t have to share your internet when you use mobile data, enabling you to experience faster connectivity at all times as long as you have a high-speed data plan.

Too much cache

Last, check your smartphone’s cache if fixing your router, network, and positioning doesn’t improve your device’s internet speed. Your phone’s cache saves data from earlier searches in order to display faster results of similar searches in the future. Although your phone becomes more efficient for that particular search, it also makes your phone much slower when you do other things that require the internet.

You can clear out your cache manually or use a cache cleaner app to get rid of useless cache and optimize your phone’s internet speed. If you decide to download a cache cleaner app, make sure that it is trustworthy so you don’t accidentally download a malware-infected program.

There are more reasons for your phone’s lagging internet speed. If your business relies heavily on a speedy mobile internet connection and you’re unable to fix the problem, call our experts today. We’re always ready to help you.

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