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Madgig Networks: Your Trusted Partner for Commercial WiFi Solutions

Madgig Networks is a Florida-based company with a team of highly skilled engineers specializing in wired and wireless networking solutions, with a strong emphasis on commercial WiFi. They boast a proven track record of working with businesses of all sizes and across various industries, earning them a stellar reputation as a Five-Star Service Provider in Florida.
Exceptional Service and Enhanced Connectivity at Moorings Park Communities

Working with Joe from Madgig Networks has been an absolute pleasure. His expertise and dedication towards enhancing our WIFI network at Moorings Park Communities have been nothing short of exemplary. From the onset, Joe’s approach to understanding our existing network infrastructure was meticulous and comprehensive. His ability to identify areas of improvement and propose effective solutions was commendable. The analysis of our WIFI networks was conducted with precision, ensuring no stone was left unturned. The enhancements made to our WIFI network have significantly improved the quality of our services. Our residents and partners have noticed a marked improvement in connectivity, speed, and reliability. This has greatly contributed to our commitment to providing ‘Simply the Best© services.

Joe’s professionalism, technical acumen, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made our collaboration with Madgig Networks a rewarding experience. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving new heights in service excellence. In conclusion, our experience with Joe and Madgig Networks has been overwhelmingly positive. We highly recommend their services to any organization looking to enhance their WIFI network and overall digital infrastructure.
Antonio “Tony” Marques
Chief Information Officer, Moorings Park Communities
Apotex WIFI Client
"Madgig is a highly knowledgeable and competent team. I had a specific wifi issue (containment) and after speaking to a number of other vendors some of which had no idea what I was speaking about and others that after they sort of understood what I needed decided they could not do what I needed Madgig jumped in and did exactly what I needed. Very professional and cost effective. Sharing knowledge and even banging on suite doors in our building belonging to other companies asking their IT people questions, Madgig went the extra mile to make sure our issue was resolved in the time they said it would take. I highly recommend Madgig and would use them again in the blink of an eye. Thank you Madgig for doing what others could not do."
Michael Masciale
IT manager, Apotex Corp.
"Madgig Networks performed a superior upgrade of our Marina WiFi system and corrected many of the issues we had with our prior install before Madgig. Madgig surveyed our environment and gave us a solution that met all our performance and reliability needs. They worked with us to choose the appropriate products for our network and integrated it with our existing wired infrastructure. Their methodical approach and planning resulted in a seamless transfer from our existing outdated system to a new WiFi system with minimal downtime. Madgig communicated with us frequently before, during and after the overhaul to make sure all of our needs were being met."
Palm Harbor Marina
West Palm Beach, Florida
Casino WIFI
"Joseph and Alyson from Madgig are true professionals and a credit to their business. From the consultation to the implementation and follow-up support, they have consistently offered a high level of service and expertise. The reliability of the wireless infrastructure we’ve received is extraordinary. With such a solid wireless foundation we’ve been able to expand the scope of our wireless offerings- everything from Wireless Presentation Systems, Guest WiFi access, Wireless Mobile Workstations with more to come this year. None of would have been possible without Madgig!"
Jonathan Grimm
IT Manager, Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room
"Congratulations on your successful installation of building-wide Wi-Fi at Penthouse Highlands. This allows us to offer a much-desired amenity to our residents, visitors, and guests at a very low on-going cost per unit. Your installation team led by Mark was excellent in every respect. Most of all it want to thank you for your dedication to ensuring that our installation met with success. Due to the construction of our building, when the initial install left some areas with low signal strength, you worked hard at, and even more importantly, succeeded in revising our network of access points to ensure that all units received a strong signal. Lastly, we have 82 units and therefore 82 unit owners to satisfy. I am grateful for your willingness to work with individual unit owners to try to achieve 100% satisfaction. All the best in your future endeavors."
Jim Ford
Vice President Board of Directors, Penthouse Highlands
"We are so happy and thankful that Madgig has successfully fixed our WiFi issues once and for all. The small investment we made to install wireless bridges from building to building for better connectivity and overhaul our existing WiFi network allowing better guest/employee access was well worth it. We no longer have down time, it increases our productivity and ultimately allows us to provide better customer service which is our number one priority."
Jim O’Neil
Owner. Delray Acura and Hyundai
"Just wanted to reach out to you again and say THANK YOU so much for being there and available for all I needed. I know some of it was short notice, but you and your staff at Madgig pulled through. I am more than satisfied with the service. I want you to know that any future projects we have in that area will be yours. Thank you so much again and if you ever need a reference feel free to use me! Thanks again!"
Steffen Hughes
Assistant Network Administrator, Coleman World Group
"I would like to start off by stating that I am beyond pleased with all of the work you have done for me. Your knowledge is unparalleled to other IT companies that I have used in the past. I appreciate your professionalism and promptness in resolving any issues related to the network in my office. You did an amazing job with the installation of WiFi which has allowed me to be much more efficient. I would highly recommend your company for any and all networking and IT needs."
Marc J. Browner, D.C., P.A.
Active Life Chiropractic
"MADGIG did a great job with my network installation & updates. They even pointed out areas we hadn’t considered & it saved us thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Knowledgeable, fast and very professional. As a business owner I advised them to raise their rates, felt like I was getting the project for half of what I budgeted!!"
Jay H.
CEO, HIG Inc. Financial Services and Risk Management
customer testimonial for hotel wifi solutions
"The team at Madgig are true professionals and they clearly know their stuff. Our project (guest wifi for a 135 room hotel) was delivered on time and on budget. There were no surprises as everything was planned out and communicated well in advance. Our guests these days expect a rock solid network and Madgig delivered. Thanks!"
Steven Mandell
Owner, The Dorchester South Beach
"Our biggest mistake was waiting to hire Madgig to install our new network. We could not be happier with our product. Joseph and Allison were a pleasure to work with and extremely responsive and understanding. The installation went smoothly and they worked quickly and around our timeline. Thank you!"
Alan Stob
Director of Advancement, Grandview Preparatory School

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